Sir Borias Longaxe turned 2 today!
"Everybody wait for a knight to come and save them, but nobody wants to become that knight. Sometimes, it is easier to be an object than a subject."
Borias, first of his name

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medieval chess set
yes, praise the tools of your liberation as Gods, stupid man
"If you want to analyze yourself, start with analyzing the contents of your trash can."

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Pas ti mater.
Tide of darkness is risingFollowed by birds of warSinging of death and destructionCorpses brought to our shore
We run and hide, gripping our lives tightTo escape the riders of doomNo one dares to resist,to fightHere comes an ancient evil from the sunken tomb
The kings and queens scream out in vainThe races of men are gripped in fear and painWarriors of evil, wielding power unrealPut every city and castle to the torch and steel
Dark skies and black rain all over our landsWill the terror never end?Who will come to our aid, my friend?We will die by the Dark Lord’s hands
The last knight risesFrom the ashes of timeThe knight realisesHe has one last battle to fight
The last knight mountsHis iron-clad steedWith sword and lanceHe is ready to lead
The flags of freedomOf reason and loveFly on the green fieldsThat will soon turn red
The dark host approachesVast in numbersArmoured in black steelDrums of war shake the soilAs the battle begins
The last knight chargesInto their midstCrushing and slashingAt the shadows of the past
The last knight fights onwardsChallenging the Daemon KingIn single combatThe Daemon King feels the sting
The knight’s sword pierced his sideFelling him to the groundThe knight fights to the bitter endProving his honor and might
The knights chase awayAnd destroy the great heathen hostThe maidens fair sing todayOf the great victory
The last knight finally restsIn a tomb far underneathForgotten by time and the peopleOf his heroic deedOf his great sacrifice
And when evil returns one dayThe last knight will rise againTo meet evil once again